yeah i don't give a fuck

27. FL / NYC / LA... former reality television dishwasher... occasional music video director.

Mar 28

"the fault in our stars" was a pretty good book.  just gonna leave that here.

Mar 15

greeting cards were just invented by the greeting card industry, man

Feb 14


I finallly put this release OUT yooooooo wudup

if you like chip tuney indie pop, might i recommend “koi,” the new album by cat hair?  available today at your local internet. 

btw listening to this im like “damn, terry wrote a fucking album by himself.  i need to step my game up” 

Feb 9

remember kazaa/morpheus-era indie rock when you would download something you thought was from one band you’d heard about, but it was actually a totally different band that had been mislabeled? and you would start accidentally liking or disliking the wrong band entirely because of it? those were the days

Feb 4

Feb 2

let’s not forget about “doubt”

when i heard about PSH i thought about this scene, the “uncool” scene from almost famous, “i sharted” (which was actually “i just sharted” - let’s honor this man’s legacy), the mattress man commercial from Punch Drunk Love, and the “but they’re always wrong” scene in Capote.

Feb 1

get rich quick sheme #23009345: 

indie rock trading cards

they come in foil packs

buy at record stores, merch booths

the stats on the back are like: right handed, left-handed, instruments played, pitchfork average, height, age, hometown, awards, album sales

"oh shit dude is that an isaac brock rookie?"
"yeah brah i traded it for a 1999 jenny lewis and a 2002 conor oberst"

Jan 29

towa tei featuring kylie minogue (as the typeface/geisha) - GBI (German Bold Italic) directed by stephane sednaoui

Jan 22

backstage at hard rock live, practicing my shreddin’ entrance

Jan 6


Solaris (dir. Andrei Tarkovsky — 1972)

“Kubrick’s film is outward, charting man’s next step in the universe, while Tarkovsky’s is inward, asking about the nature and reality of the human personality." (Ebert on Solaris)

If Dr. Zhivago taught me anything, it’s the Soviets weren’t exactly “big” on what you would call “the personal life.” Tarkovsky was getting shut down trying to get a “personal” script made. As an alternative he ended up adapting the book Solaris by Stanislav Lem.

outerspace & innerspace

(via andreii-tarkovsky)

Jan 4

i heard this song a couple times in a classic chris sharma bouldering video 

wanted to check out the original

I probably watched it halfway through 2-3 times and thought it was okay/the good kinda campy/nothing special

then I watched it ALL the way through. turns out it’s genius/one of the greatest videos of all time.  how did i not see that coming?

Jan 3

Jan 1

Feel like everyone is looking at me

They know

they say how you spend New Year’s Day is how you spend your year

So basically this is the year of trying not to barf in a panera bread

Dec 26

if i was Edward Snowden i would ask Nadezhda Tolokonnikova out.

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